About Express Integrated Technologies


Change of Business Asset Ownership

International heat recovery, emissions and noise control leader Innova Global Limited (Innova) has acquired all the intellectual property and manufacturing assets of Express Integrated Technologies (EIT) effective 1 February 2017, following an auction in the Oklahoma Bankruptcy Court.

Over coming months, Innova will be integrating the best of EIT’s designs to expand and enhance its product range. Innova is committed to offering former EIT customers the highest quality plant and componentry, backed by exemplary service.

Innova has the financial strength, manufacturing capability, experienced supply chain and proprietary designs to perform on existing EIT proposals, equipment retrofits and project completions for EIT’s customer base.

If you are an EIT customer and require urgent service or assistance regarding an unfinished project, upgrade or retrofit please contact either of the following people.


Don South, R.E.T.

Business Development Manager, Canada

Innova Global (formerly ATCO Emissions Management)

4000 – 4 Street S.E., Suite 222
Calgary, AB T2G 2W3

T: (403) 292-7785 C: (403) 560-7095
Email: Don.South@innova-gl.com

Dan Robertus

General Manager, WHRB/HRSG/OTSG Division

Innova Global (formerly ATCO Emissions Management)

3300 Fernbrook Lane North Suite 250| Plymouth, MN 55447

T: (763) 235-7850 C: (612) 859-1766
E-mail: Dan.Robertus@Innova-gl.com

Alternatively, for more information about Innova, its people and range of products and services please CLICK HERE


Express Integrated Technologies (EIT) is a leader in the design and manufacturing of heat transfer and combustion engineering equipment for the Power and Process markets. Core products for EIT include Once-Through Steam Generators (OTSG)Heat Recovery Systems (HRSG), Simple Cycle Catalyst Systems (SCCS),   Fired & Process Heaters and Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRU).

Noted for strong commitment to provide the highest quality products, Express Integrated Technologies delivers:

  • Leading Engineering Design & Support
  • Quality Manufacturing
  • Highly-Experienced Field Service

Our engineers average more than 20 years of experience in heat transfer technology and represent a wide variety of engineering disciplines. This strong technical and engineering background allows Express Integrated Technologies to provide industry-leading products and service.

With our long history in the Process and Power markets, you will find our product lines in most industrial applications, including:

  • Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Peaking Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Well Sites
  • Textile Mills
  • Local Heating
  • Reservoir Production
  • SAGD Reservoir Production
  • Pipeline Processes
  • Fuel Gas Heating

Our specialties include Steam Generation, Emissions Reduction for Combustion Turbines, Fired Heaters, and various Waste Heat Recovery applications.

Our equipment can be found on every major continent, with Once-Through Steam Generators in Canada; Combustion Turbine Catalyst Systems throughout North America; Fired Heaters and Waste Heat Recovery in Russia; Fired Heaters in the Pacific Rim; and Heat Recovery Steam Generators spanning all of the Americas and the Caribbean.